Live Life Like Tori Wristbands

A week or so after Tori passed away, a good friend of ours had a dream about Tori and these bracelets. She said when she had these made, it was not about remembering Tori. It was much more. It was living like Tori. Not wasting a single moment of your life. Cherishing family and friends. Spending time with others and building up your community. It is a movement and not just a remembrance of her!

We would love everyone to have one that wants one and spread her joy, love and her story to others. Tori’s Butterfly Garden Foundation, Inc  Board has decided to use these as a fundraiser for her charity to help elementary art and our upcoming community garden project (very exciting news here). One wristband will be made available for every $4 donation to her Foundation which includes the shipping and handling of the wristbands to you. That way we can cover our costs and make a little over a dollar per wristband for her Foundation.

They are also available at the Eye Associates Group, LLC, 315 Huggins Drive in Hartford City, Indiana Monday - Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Wristband Picture good.jpg

There are two sizes available, Adult and Youth. The Youth size is 7 inches in diameter and the Adult is 8 inches in diameter. Many adults with small wrists can easily wear the youth size. As you will see in the photo, we had a butterfly placed on the left side of the text and an angel on the right side.

This is the Live Life Like Tori movement. Enjoy family, life and love everyday and in every way!

To order, please email us at for ordering information.