Art Supplies for Children in Need

Tori was an avid drawer and painter. She had a real passion for creating all types of art. No piece of paper was ever safe from her hand as she created art daily. She left behind hundreds of pieces of her artwork as reminders of her love, joy and passion for the arts.

Tori's Butterfly Garden Foundation has helped hundreds of children each year by supplying art supplies for them. We have provided crayons, markers, and colored pencils for needy children to give them tools to express their creativity.

The annual Back-to-School Bash is held in July/August each year in Montpelier, Indiana. TBGF donates hundreds of dollars of various art supplies needed each year. This event serves over 300 children in the county and for some is the only way they are able to get the supplies they need.

We also provide art supplies to local children, adults and schools when requested. We want to help anyone with a passion for art be creative and have the ability to express themselves just as Tori did.